Dance and Nature Weekends for

The weekend will offer a mix of dance classes and Earth Education activities offered by Ringfield Eco Centre. We will start the day together with a warm up class before we split adults and children for some contemporary based/ creative dance classes, indoors as well as outdoors. We will learn some set phrases as well as develop our own material, drawing inspiration from the magical site we are in. In the afternoon we will come back together for some partnerwork and contact classes — moving and connecting with our children and with each other. Alongside the dancing and moving Ringfield Eco Centre will offer a range of activities ranging from sensory 'Earth Walks' to Bushcraft Skills and of course, lots of bonfires in the evening.

Accommodation is in a variety of different sized rooms — ranging from 2 bed cosiness to 8 bed friendliness. The weekend is fully catered by Ringfield's catering team. We will start with lunch on Saturday and finish with lunch on Monday at around 2.30pm.

Everyone is welcome. Dance experience welcome but not necessary

Dance Holidays for people of all ages